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Most of the sound heard in a home theater is reflected from surfaces before it reaches the ears. The materials used to coat the interior walls will make an enormous difference in sound quality.

To ensure premier audio performance, CinemaTech installs the patented Acoustic Room System (ARS) into each of our theaters. Owens Corning invested millions of dollars into the development of this acoustical treatment, and the results will thrill audiophiles.


With CinemaTech's ARS system, your private home theater acoustics will be precisely tuned to the room’s design, audio equipment, and your unique preferences.

Through the precise design and installation of high and low-frequency absorption, reflective, and diffusion acoustic panels, CinemaTech engineers the theater environment to maximize the investment made in theater audio equipment.


CinemaTech's patented Acoustic Room System is the only product in the market that achieves performance down to 100 Hz with panels that are only 1.25 inches in depth.

CinemaTech’s certified theater installation team will design the acoustical treatments to overcome any unusual theater characteristics such as curved walls and unusual door placements.  Every seat in the theater will sound “front row, center” no matter where you or your guests chose to enjoy the show.


CinemaTech’s expert theater designers and skilled installation technicians can incorporate the ARS product into any theater installation without impacting the aesthetics of the space.

CinemaTech's Design Service Program ensures the acoustical wall treatments are smoothly integrated into the overall theater design before installation begins. The ARS will provide a rich and beautiful audio experience, yet the wall treatments will not be seen.

Step #1

Step #2

Fabric tracking is applied to the prepared wall surfaces

The CinemaTech Installation Technician will apply the 1.25-inch-deep fabric retainer around the perimeter of each wall area that will be acoustically treated. The tracking retainer will securely hold the fabric that is installed during Step #4.

The room is prepared for build-out

Build-out components may include such items as wood blocking, lighting, A/V equipment, and architectural woodworking. 

Click Here to see a list of commonly-required build-out items that contractors may use to prepare the theater for the installation of the ARS System.

Step #3

Step #4

The fabric is installed into the tracking

Acoustically-transparent fabric and finishing touches are applied throughout the private theater. These fabrics provide a stunning theater environment with acoustical performance characteristics that impress true audiophiles.

The acoustical panels are mounted

Reversible diaphragmatic panels and high-frequency diffusers are then applied to the sheetrock as indicated by the acoustic modeling diagram provided by CinemaTech. This modeling diagram is the culmination of the customized acoustic design process.


Our theaters feature products from these premier acoustically-transparent fabric manufacturers: