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About the Project:

Hollywood Heads to Ft. Worth, Texas

A Private Home Theater Meets Film Industry and Family Needs

It was time to move home! This CinemaTech theater family relocated from the Los Angeles area to their home city of Ft. Worth, Texas. The husband would continue his work in the film industry and needed a premium venue for screenings. The family’s children no doubt had their own plans for movies and shows. CinemaTech partnered with Future Home Theater, a Los Angeles-based partner, to ensure this $400,000 installation brought Hollywood home.


The original media room was replaced with a custom-designed CinemaTech theater featuring our world-famous seating. We also provided the ARS (acoustic room system) then accented the family’s premium seating selections with a “star ceiling and shooting stars” design motif. Our dealer-partner completely revised the room layout to meet the needs of a film professional. The old risers were removed, and an advanced speaker system was installed. When completed, the reviews included, “this is how the cinema was meant to be”.

Michael Murphy, CinemaTech’s Founder and President, relates:
“As part of our industry-leading Design Service Program, 3D renderings of the private theater are created during the design process. Our clients marvel at seeing how their selections of seating and interiors will look in real life. This is a vital step in constructing a private theater that perfectly matches our clients’ expectations.”


A touch of Bavaria sectionals as the prelude

The front row seating was transformed into a sectional arrangement that features motorized incliners. The Bavaria sofa is our most popular seating. Its design reflects the style of our German manufacturer’s favorite automaker, Porsche.  This sectional is among the favorite of choices for CinemaTech clients who want their children to have an upscale and pleasant environment within which they can enjoy their entertainment.


Valentino seating to complete the show

The Valentino debuted in 1999 and is CinemaTech’s original private theater seat. This motorized incliner provides an articulating headrest and ergonomic design that will keep the film work comfortable. The Valentino is available in many styles of leather including CinemaTech Fabric, Elmo Leathers, or COM/COL.  Exclusively built in our German factory, the Valentino incliner has been the choice of actors and actresses from around the world.


From Future Home Theaters, Los Angles, CA

This cutting edge Digital Cinema is one of the Country's most technologically advanced private theaters. Featuring full ATMOS 15.4.8 - First Run DCI, the homeowner can watch movies directly from the studio opening weekend. It includes 27 James Loudspeakers, Synthesis consumer and Dolby Pro ATMOS processing , Christie 4K Digital Projection, Kaleidescape movie server. This theater provides a true immersive no compromise experience. The acoustically floating ceiling isolates from family room above, while the front half of the existing floor slab was cut and lowered 14 inches for optimum viewing.


Authorized Dealer:


Size of Room:



Photography by:


Future Home (Los Angles, CA)

Fall 2016

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Fort Worth, TX

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For more about our Authorized Dealer, contact Future Home of Los Angles, CA:
Future Home Theater - www.FutureHomeTheater.com
3351 La Cienega Place, Los Angeles, CA 90016

(310) 559-6100

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